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  • Reshape Oil

    • This Oil is the blend of Kshar Oil, BrihatSaindhav Tailam, Rice bran oil etc.
  • Overview This product control the blood sugar suitable as an adjuvant with allopathic –chemical medicine contains the selected herb like, Gymnoma Silvestre, Bitter gourd, Tinospora cordifolia etc.
  • Build Granules

    • This product helps in developing body mussel and give stamina, contains, Withania somnifera, Asparagus Adscendens, whey protein etc.
  • Overview
    • Constipation is the root cause of almost all diseases; this product contains well known bowel regularize and cleanser herbs like, Terminalia chebula, Operculina Turpethum, Picrorrhiza kuroa etc.
  • Ayuliva Tablets

    Overview Ayuliva product of Kalp Ayurved is effective for treating liver disorders. This product is the result of team Kalp Ayurved. It contains research supported ingredients like Picrorrhiza kuroa, Andrographis paniculata, and Aloe vera etc.
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    Vigar Vati

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    Vigar Vati: The Herbal Dietary Supplement Vigar Vati is known for its powerful herbs that help in boosting libido. The years of research of Kalp Ayurved has prepared this amazing medicine to increase vigor, strength and the quality of semen in men. With regular use, it improves strength, stamina & power because everyone deserves a healthy life! With the purest and natural herbs, it gives 100% result without any side effects. VigarVati is being recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners and physicians all over the world because of its transparency and natural herbs. ★ WHO GMP Certified Product ★ Develops Healthy Lifestyle With Rich Nutrition ★ Combat Fatigue & Stress ★ Premium Quality ★ Blend of Pure Ayurvedic Herbs ★ No Side Effects
  • URO Vati

    • This tablet deals in urinary dysfunctions contain the herbs like, Bergenia ligulata, Speranthus indicus, Crataeva nurvala etc.
  • Obenorma Churna

    • The main ingredients are Zingiber officinalis, Plumbago Zylanica, Moringa oleifera etc.
  • Tenso Reliva

    Overview This products reduces the mental tension and freshener the mind, contains the selective herb like, Coleus forskohlii, Nardostachys jatamansi, Valerina etc.