ayurvedic insomnina treatment

Ayurvedic Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia is also known as sleeplessness which is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. It is a common disorder among people who work for a long time. Insomnia can cause stress fatigue, low energy, difficulty concentrating, mood disturbances, and decreased performance in work or at school. Insomnia can be treated by Ayurveda by following proper medication and diets.


There are different causes of Insomnia that include depression, stress, hectic work, and poor diet. These factors are avoidable yet due to lack of discipline most individuals suffer from insomnia. There are some other factors like anxiety disorder, mental issues, and drug abuse might lead to sleeplessness as well. Heartburn, heart disease, asthma, overactive thyroid, and gastric problems can also lead to insomnia. Ayurveda can easily treat insomnia and give effective treatment with appropriate medicines and proper diet.


  • Facing problems to sleep
  • Early getting up
  • Irritability, depression or anxiety
  • Problem in focusing
  • Temporary memory loss


Close your right nostril of your nose and breathe with your left nostril. Now alter the process and continue it for 4-5 minutes before going to bed. You can do this in a place where ventilation is good. Gradually you would feel sleepy while doing this. You can also apply mustard oil on both soles of your feet. For better results, you should apply the oil to your left sole with your right palm and the right sole with the left palm.


  • Don’t work too long at night
  • Take a healthy diet
  • Do Yoga and physical exercises
  • Increase fluid intake.
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