• Overview
    • Triphala Rasayana cleanse the micro and macro channels in the body, reduces colon load and tones the alimentary canal especially intestines, it flushes out toxins (AMA), and enhances the functions of several organs in the body.
  • Overview This product control the blood sugar suitable as an adjuvant with allopathic –chemical medicine contains the selected herb like, Gymnoma Silvestre, Bitter gourd, Tinospora cordifolia etc.
  • Diabvedic Churna

    Overview This Churna is a balanced known established anti diabetic herbs like, Cinnamon tamala, Emblica officinalis, Fenugreek etc.
  • D-tox Phant Tea

    • This helps in eliminating the body toxins if taken regularly, contains herb like, Eclipta alba, Tamarind, Terminalia arjuna etc.