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  • Overview
    • Constipation is the root cause of almost all diseases; this product contains well known bowel regularize and cleanser herbs like, Terminalia chebula, Operculina Turpethum, Picrorrhiza kuroa etc.
  • Arthonorm Tablet

    • This product contains the well-known anti-arthritic ingredients like, Vitex negundo, Zingiber officinale, Ricinus communis etc.
  • Ayuliva Tablets

    Overview Ayuliva product of Kalp Ayurved is effective for treating liver disorders. This product is the result of team Kalp Ayurved. It contains research supported ingredients like Picrorrhiza kuroa, Andrographis paniculata, and Aloe vera etc.
  • Diabvedic Churna

    Overview This Churna is a balanced known established anti diabetic herbs like, Cinnamon tamala, Emblica officinalis, Fenugreek etc.
  • Overview
    • This tea enhances the freshness of the body and mind, consist of selected herbs like, Cymbopogon, Camellia sinensis, Mentha piprata etc.
  • Overview
    • Triphala Rasayana cleanse the micro and macro channels in the body, reduces colon load and tones the alimentary canal especially intestines, it flushes out toxins (AMA), and enhances the functions of several organs in the body.
  • D-tox Phant Tea

    • This helps in eliminating the body toxins if taken regularly, contains herb like, Eclipta alba, Tamarind, Terminalia arjuna etc.
  • Overview
    • This tea contains Jasvand, Jatiphal, Rock salt etc.
    • Reshape Phant tea is a beverage that is used to control obesity. This tea is enriched with the healing properties of high-quality Ayurveda herbs that are tested at Kalp Ayurved. Classic ingredients like Cumin, turmeric, peppermint make this tea special.
  • Arthonorm Lepa

    • This lepa contains a selective Anti-Inflammatory topical ingredient which reduces pain and swelling of affected joints like, Acorus calamus, Cinnamon etc.
    • Lepa is to be prepared in warm water and to be applied on affected joins at night and to be washed in the morning.